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DAR Medicare, founded in 2022 and headquartered at Kulgam Jammu & Kashmir, India is a new age concept of Online Pharmacy and Health Resource Center, focusing on quality and timely delivery of medicines to patients at their doorsteps/pickup locations throughout J&K. It is a place where patients-physicians/scientists-pharmacists work under a common umbrella to explore and address the off sight needs of healthcare sector in Jammu and Kashmir. We are emphatically motivated to address the demands of the patients and confident in delivering the patient-oriented health services with a sole aim to alleviate the sufferings of our people. It is not only an online pharmacy where quality medicines are delivered to patients, but it consists of a team of advisory board including internationally acknowledged physicians, pharmacists, and researchers to study the demographic aspects of healthcare system in J&K. This is to inculcate among ourselves a sense of equal care to everyone and to act as a personalized one place health guide to each and every person in our society. This initiative will serve as launching pad for the state’s first online pharmacy cum resource center with multidimensional focus to remodel the patient-doctor reciprocity in J&K.







DAR Medicare is a concept/creation of Dr. Nawab John Dar, Scientist, Salk Institute, California USA. He was born and brought up in Kulgam, Kashmir. Since his early age, he shares a passion & responsibilty to serve humanity in whatever capacity he could have!. Dr. Nawab believes that everybody deserves respect and better care. Looking at the sufferings of people around him is the main reason behind his intiatives. He is very dedicated scientist investigating curative therapies that could attenuate the pain and misery of people with specific goal on studying neurodegenerative disorders. Since developing a new therapy for a specific disease takes decades and his current experience of analyzing the existing healthcare system and increasing prevalence of diseases and conditions made him to think in a different direction. Dr. Nawab has lived in many first world countries and his exposure to world class healthcare system had deeply inspired him to remodel the doctor-patient connections in this region of the world. He believes that healthcare sector in Jammu & Kashmir is in dire shambles and therefore requires a remodeler effort to reciprocate the lost faith among masses. Over the years J&K is witnessing surge in health conditions and diseases and on top of that the economic instability is exacerbating the sufferings. While trying to address these issues, Dr. Nawab is of the opinion that, with world moving towards a global village where people are connected to each other and most of the things are possibly available at your fingertips, one should not spend a lot of their valuable time and extra money for their basic medicine needs. Taken together, Dr. Nawab felt an immediate need of Online Pharmacy and Health Resource Center that Jammu & Kashmir will experience for the very first time. He is confident to address the loopholes and develop an end-to-end platform to meet the rising demands of healthcare sector in Jammu & Kashmir.



I am currently working as a cancer epigenist at University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), New York, USA. Originally born and brought up in Kashmir, I always used to wonder about health facilities available to people around me right from my childhood. I always tried to contribute to best of my ability to bring felicity to those who needed me. As my career advanced, I landed up in one of the most developed countries of world, USA. I started working in one of world’s most famous healthcare setup which increased my restlessness regarding the shambles the medical system back home was in. That made me to think just one name and I called Dr. Nawab John Dar because I knew he would be the first one to stand in front and his leadership skills would find a way. During our conversation we discussed how in the current age of technology when world has advanced so much, the healthcare back home is still regressive. When he pitched in an idea about beginning an online pharmacy in Kashmir, I seconded him. We discussed it for many weeks before finalizing the concept of DAR Medicare, with the hope that it will bring much needed relief and felicity to the society. We at DAR Medicare are committed to bring happiness on your faces. We welcome you all with the hope that our pharmacy and health resource center will serve and provide you best of health care, save your time and money and finally, we believe you deserve better care and that’s the reason we are here. Wish you a healthy life!

                                                                                                          -Dr. Javeed Ahmad Bhat