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Dr. Shakeel Ahmed

Assistant Professor & Research Coordinator GDC Mendhar, J&K-India

Dr. Ahmed is a world-renowned scientist who was recently highlighted in top 2% scientist list published by Stanford University, USA. Dr. Ahmed’s research interest is to develop green and sustainable materials for biomedical applications directed towards tissue engineering and biomedical applications. He has successfully synthesized green hybrid bio-nanocomposites with remarkable anti-cervical cancer activities and green nanomaterials for lung cancer treatment. In addition, his research is also focused on developing biodegradable food packaging system and green nanomaterials. He is actively investigating to find an alternative to the conventional packaging systems which are a great threat to environment. He is looking for some biobased and renewable materials and modifying it to enhance their strength and as well looking for bioactive compounds to increase shelf life of food. He has used suitable inorganic nanofillers to enhance the mechanical as well as biomedical properties of polymeric materials with enhanced biocompatibility and less toxicity.