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Dr. Mumtaz Anwar

Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Mumtaz research is currently focused on investigating interactions of Y143D-S1PR1 and native S1PR1 with dynamin and to decipher the downstream signaling pathway that maintains endothelial barrier homeostasis. His aim is to develop rational therapeutic approaches that could be directed against diseases caused by leaky vasculature. Dr. Mumtaz believes that his investigations will identify the role of phosphorylated S1PR1 in inducing ER stress and thereby loss of barrier function as opposed to the canonical role of S1PR1 in maintaining barrier function. Dr. Mumtaz’s doctoral thesis in Cancer Biology and Molecular Epigenetics at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology and Department of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India was focused on to understand Wnt signaling pathway in search for new tumor prognostic and biomarkers in colorectal cancer. Dr. Mumtaz has edited three books and is the author of many book chapters and research articles about tumor markers, cell signaling, and post-translational modifications and is involved in other scientific activities in this advanced molecular technology era. He is a member of numerous scientific organizations and societies including American Heart Association (AHA), American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), ASPET Young Scientists Committee, North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO), United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP). He is the recipient of various awards including Outstanding Young Investigator Travel Award and other Postdoctoral competition category awards. He is serving as an Associate editor in various journals. He is also an editorial board member and reviewer on various review grants and research articles in scientific journals.