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Dr. Sevan Alwan

Scientist, UT Health at San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Dr. Alwan earned her Ph.D. from Al-Nahrain University Baghdad, Iraq. She after her doctorate, Dr. Alwan joined UT Health, San Antonio, Texas, USA as Postdoctoral Fellow. Her research is focused on discovering a new drug to treat Schistosoma infections, the disease that still affects the quality of everyday life for millions of kids around the world especially in Africa, limiting their education, and heading them to have serious complications. Currently, we have only one treatment drug “praziquantel” but reports have shown that resistance is developing against this treatment. Dr. Alwan and her team are developing a new treatment to use in combination with praziquantel to overcome resistance and improve efficacy. Her studies identified several novel drugs treatments that are very effective in treating the disease. Dr. Alwan’s studies revealed significant outcome when she tested the drugs under investigation in animal models of the disease. Currently, she is working to improve the drug prosperities to minimize the dose and reduce any side effects.