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Dr. Reyaz-ur-Rasool

Scientist, Perelman School of Medicine Cancer Biology Division University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Reyaz’s research addresses cancer development and translational cancer research. Dr. Reyaz has gained interest in understanding the epigenetic alterations that ultimately result in cancer initiation and progression. During his doctoral thesis at Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Reyaz has developed vast expertise in studying prostate cancer cell biology and as a postdoctoral research scientist at University of Pennsylvania, he continues to study prostate tumor biogenesis and treatment resistance with an emphasis on molecular signal transduction and epigenetic alterations. Genes involved in chromatin remodeling and epigenetic regulation are frequently mutated in a wide variety of cancers including prostate cancer. Dr. Reyaz’s research interests combine the basic approaches with genomics and translational science in a broad-based effort. Complementary investigations use cancer genomics, in which the changes in gene expression and epigenetic modifications are examined on a global scale to understand the mechanisms of cancer progression. As cancer is one of the leading causes of human deaths in the world, Dr. Reyaz and his team hope that by understanding the basic signaling and epigenetic mechanisms that govern the cancer cell growth and development, especially the genesis of drug resistance mechanisms will pave the novel translational approaches in cancer drug development.