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Dr. Sameer A Mir

Scientist, National Institute of Health (NIH), USA

Dr. Mir’s research interests are genetic engineering and cancer biology to develop next generation therapies against cancer. Their research team at National Institute of health (NIH), USA, are dedicatedly focused on developing targeted immunotherapy for patients with malignant mesothelioma and other solid tumors. The research includes establishment of mesothelioma patient-derived xenografts that recapitulate the biochemical properties of human malignancies and are advantageous for preclinical studies of mesothelin-directed therapies. Before Joining NIH, USA, Dr. Mir studied the role of cancer stem cells in breast carcinogenesis and their targeting by novel small molecule inhibitors and his main focus was to study and understand the biochemical pathways involving aberrant CSC activation during carcinogenesis progression. Dr. Mir’s focus led to the discovery of novel CSC inhibitor where he did extensive investigation to decipher the mechanism of CSC reduction in triple-negative breast cancer. This novel inhibitor was evaluated in different model systems and could be further translated as a possible therapeutic candidate for breast cancer.